Saturday, June 06, 2009

American Cancer Society 2009 Fundraiser

For the third year in a row, R2 made the trip out to Corona, CA, to help with the Corona Police Department's annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

As usual, the line started early, and stretched far. It was a 1.5 hour wait to get to the front!

As the characters finished changing into their costumes, the crowd was allowed indoors. R2 tried to keep everyone entertained until the characters' grand entrance.

Soon, the characters came out, and it was pictures, pictures, pictures! The proceeds for each picture went directly to the American Cancer Society. (I think it was $5.00 per picture.)

Lots of younglings, some in costume.

More than once, kids gravitated to R2 for their picture. I had installed the speed controller kill switch earlier in the week, but I was able to rotate the dome and have R2 acknowledge them with a friendly beep.

I don't recall this Sith Lord from the movies. Maybe from the Expanded Universe?

We rotated characters every so often, as the event ran a good five hours(!). Once again, Ian Martin made an appearance in his most excellent C-3PO costume.

Even Master Yoda made a brief appearance as the event wound down.

Significant funds were raised for this successful event, and as always, I was glad to be a part of it.

Today was a breeze compared to what tomorrow should hold in store. Stay tuned...

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