Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trimmed Top Surface of Booster Cover Top

Tonight I trimmed the 3 degree angle off the top of the booster cover head pieces.

I dialed the miter saw to 3 degrees and got to choppin'.

Time to emote. I am profoundly unhappy with how the curve is coming out. I was hoping that once I chopped this top layer off, things would look better, but they don't.

By comparison, here is how these pieces looked for droid #1 at this stage.

I am seriously considering chucking these head pieces and starting over. I don't think filler will save them. I will probably cut the 37 degree corner angles first and see if they look any better, but I don't expect that they will.

I think a big part of the problem is that I had the drill press table tilted at too steep an angle when I sanded the curves out. I need to do some calculations and see what angle I should be using. Based on old pictures, I think I used a 5 degree tilt for droid #1, versus a 9 or 10 degree tilt this time.

Alan Wolfson has kindly suggested that I look into using a Sears belt/disc sander for detailed word working. I just might do so, although I don't know if I would ever use it again after these pieces are done, and I know that I've done this work successfully at least once with the drill press and drum sander. We shall see.


DarthMoose74 said...

I have not left a comment in a while so here it goes.

WOW! These look great!
I am surprised you did not go with resin this time!

alanrw said...

Victor, I bet you can salvage them with a skim coat of Evercoat and then just re-sand the curve contour on the drill press. Also, back to back, you can see the difference but once they are on the legs, no one will ever be able to see the difference. The belt sander is great because it is an "incremental" tool whereas the chop saw is a one time, one shot deal.


Victor Franco said...

Moose, thanks for the compliments!

Alan, thanks for the input, it's always appreciated.

Right now I'm going to pause for a couple of days and consider my options. It's only the curve that's the problem, everything else is coming out well on these head pieces. I may try some filler and resanding.