Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sanded MDF for Booster Cover Slots, Glued Booster Cover Tops

Tonight I worked on the slots in the booster cover tops.

I needed to sand down about 1/16" from the largest surface of the MDF that fills the back of the slots (the picture shows the MDF standing on end, to display the surface that was sanded). There are four of these little pieces to sand. I used 60 grit sand paper, I didn't feel like messing around with this for hours. I followed up with 400 grit to smooth it out.

I did a test fit, and the MDF fits into the slots nicely.

Time to glue the booster cover top pieces back together. I had chopped off the bottom portion earlier so that Kelvin and I could work on the dado cuts that created the slots.

I decided that I will not glue the MDF pieces in place now, rather I will slide them in later. It's a snug fit, so the pieces won't move. If I recall correctly, I did the same thing for droid #1. The main reason is to ease repainting of the front face of the MDF, if and when it ever becomes necessary.

One of the booster cover tops needed an assist with some clamps, the other is drying fine without them.

I will wait until all the cuts are done before filling any seams, since the front face and top surface will get some more trims. There's no point in doing finishing work on something that's going to get eliminated later.

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