Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phoenix R2 Builders Gathering

Today Mike Senna and I joined up with many of the Phoenix area R2 builders for their gathering.

Time to unload the droids from Mike's van, as Tiny lends a hand.

Tiny's dome layout is very neat, and he has an interesting hinge mechanism that he uses to lock the dome ring to the dome.

The Clone Wars R2 that Dave and Tiny worked on was in attendance. Very nice!

And actual building was going on throughout the day!

Our host Bryan works on routing his PVC tube.

Jay works on his skins as well.

Ray and Tiny work on another set of aluminum skins.

Rob demoed his amazing robotic autonomous lawnmower.

I told all the viewers out there in WebcamLand to smile for the picture!

There were a reasonably good number of droids in attendance, with Mike and I each making one contribution toward the cause.

My droid found true love in Arizona, but I'm not sure this long distance romance will work. Plus, she didn't really reciprocate.

We wrapped it up with a group picture before Mike and I had to pull the plug on the webcam and hit the road.

A big thank-you to Bryan for hosting, and for all the Arizona R2 Builders who welcomed us to the gathering. It was a great trip!


John said...

You know what's funny about your R2 and the fire hydrant is there is an old Sesame Street episode with R2-D2 & C-3PO and R2 falls in love with a fire hydrant. Here's a You Tube link:

Victor Franco said...

I thought the whole encounter seemed familiar!