Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Drum Sanding for Booster Cover Tops

This evening I returned to the drill press to continue drum sanding the booster cover tops.

I started drum sanding the second piece that I didn't get to last night.

I sanded to the point that most of the material inside the shallowest arc had been removed.

At that point, I angled the table on the drill press to about 10 degrees, and started widening the curve as I worked my way to the front part of the piece.

Of course, this was an iterative processes, where I constantly checked my progress to ensure that I was removing the proper amount of material from the piece as I went along.

Once I got pretty close to the lines I had scribed, I used sand paper wrapped around a pipe to mostly finish it off. I may return to light sanding the piece if I find any minor discontinuities. One of the corners looks a little rough, but not to worry, it gets completely chopped off later.

Hopefully I can continue work on the other booster cover top soon.

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