Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finished Drum Sanding Booster Cover Tops

This evening I was able to finish drum sanding the second of the two booster cover top pieces.

Tonight was pretty much a replay of last night on the drill press.

I sanded a little at a time, checking against the lines I measured and drew.

As was the case yesterday, I finished up by hand-sanding with some sand paper wrapped around a pipe.

Right now the curves seem a little bit deeper and steeper than those on droid #1, but that may be because I haven't trimmed the 3 degree angles off the top surface and front face. Time will tell.


alanrw said...

Hi Victor, have you invested in a Sear's Belt-disc sander yet? Truly the tool of the Jedi woodworker. YOu can really fine tune and be very precise with your finished work. A table saw and chop saw are great, but a belt-disc sander really gives you the precision this project requires. I think they are like $80-90. You will wonder how you lived without one.


Victor Franco said...

Hi Alan,

No, I never did get around to getting the belt sander you recommended. I guess I like making my life more difficult than it otherwise needs to be.