Monday, May 11, 2009

Cut and Sanded Dog Houses

Tonight I had time to cut the dog house pieces that cover the tops of the leg struts.

These pieces are to rest upon the 9 degree sloped surface of the booster cover bodies.

Just to be sure, I rested the bottom of the saw blade against the booster cover body, to make sure I had the proper angle.

I want the blade to cut up to the half-way point on the dog house, so I marked this with a line and adjusted the height of the blade to match.

I pulled out my templates from droid #1 and seated the dog house in place. With the table saw unplugged for safety, I manually adjusted the distance from the blade, to ensure that the blade would hit the dog house at the corner. The metallic blade tooth peeking through the template verifies this will be the case.

Getting ready to zip it on through!

Success so far, that's a relief. One cut down, three to go.

One side is done for both legs. It's ugly looking at this point, but it's supposed to be ugly looking, since the other side has not yet been cut.

Time to do the other side. This time the piece goes through the blade backwards relative to the first cut. (Yes, I did verify that the blade won't hit the C-clamp).

Done with the cuts. Just a little unevenness, nothing that can't be fixed with some light sanding.

I placed some 220 grit sand paper on the booster cover body, and then sanded the dog house on top of it. I probably should have used 400 grit to start, and I did switch to 400 grit shortly after starting. In any event, the unevenness is just about gone.

The trimmed dog houses are fitting quite nicely now. I will probably do just a little more sanding and/or filling, but it's a good start.

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