Saturday, May 09, 2009

Booster Cover Slot Work, Dog Houses Cut and Glued

Today it was back to work on the booster covers.

The first item of business was to cut the booster cover head pieces, just below where the slots will be cut.

That was easy enough. The small part will be glued back on once I'm done working on the slots.

Next, I cut many small MDF segments that make up the "dog house" that covers the top of the leg strut.

I made more mistakes cutting these than I care to admit. (Let's just say I have a couple more stacks like this one.) A few extra pieces were cut, since I had enough material for them.

Kelvin came over to help me with the dado cuts for the slots in the booster cover tops. I printed out the picture from when we set this up for droid #1.

We cut along the dotted lines.

With video!

This also worked out well. Here are the bottom parts I cut off at the beginning of the day, loosely fitted.

I decided to square off the corner radii left from the router on the top areas of the slots on the booster covers.

I just used a hacksaw blade and went to work.

Looking better. This area is hidden by the dog house, but I needed to at least clear some material to allow room for the leg strut.

The leg strut fits in. On droid #1, the fit is so tight that it's more or less stuck in there.

The last item of business for the day was gluing together the dog houses.

Slowly getting there, one step at a time.

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