Monday, March 30, 2009

Finished Styrene Channel for Ankle

Today I finished working on the styrene channel for the outer ankles that I started yesterday.

Step one was to trim off the excess styrene with a razor blade.

There was a small void in each corner of the slot.

I cut small pieces of styrene and glued them on the underside to cover up the small holes.

All better!

Next, I slathered good ol' Evercoat into the edge of the slot where it meets the styrene.

After it dried, I sanded it smooth.

And finally a mist coat of primer to check out the results.

It came out pretty well, I may not have to do any additional filling. I will apply some more primer, sand and hopefully call the curved part of the ankle done.


Gareth Holton said...

Victor, If the dictionary had the phrase 'Scratch Build' in it, there would be a picture of you right next to it! Sterling work as ever.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Gareth! I have plenty of parts that i have bought, but occasionally I do manage to make something.