Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evercoat and Primer for Center Ankle

Now that the glue has dried on the curved part of the ankles, it was time to fill the seams, sand and apply primer.

There is one particularly noticeable gap on one of the seams where the Tape-Ease cylinder section meets the leg. It is glued down properly on the inside portion, but the exterior area doesn't quite meet up flat.

Evercoat fixes all.

Sanding fixes Evercoat.

Primer fixes sanding.

And one day, paint will fix primer.

The primer helped reveal a small gap on the other side of the leg.

Same exercise with the Evercoat and sanding.

Things are looking better with another spot of primer.

The legs will get more coats of primer, followed by sanding and more primer, to hide the grain. Not sure exactly when, but sooner or later. Again, 90% of the ankle work will never be seen anyway, because most of it leads up into the body, and a lot of what shows is obstructed by the ankle cylinders.

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