Sunday, November 16, 2008

Started Sanding Evercoat on Legs

Today I started sanding the Evercoat that I applied to the outer legs yesterday. I didn't get very far, I was only able to sand the flat portion of one side of one of the legs.

As usual, I started with 150 grit sand paper to take off the high spots and get things fairly smooth.

Next, I moved on to 220 grit, to get a finer finish.

I finished up with 400 grit.

I still have a long way to go, and unfortunately I don't think I'll get much time to work on this for a while. It's too dark to sand at night when I get home from work during the week, and next weekend I'm scheduled to help shoot the Senna drivetrain tutorial for the R2LA VI DVD.


Jim Quinlan said...

Nice documentation of the drive train. I was wondering what type of "evercoat" you use. I went on EBAY and found several evercoat products. I would like to replace bondo with something easier to sand and form.


Victor Franco said...

Hi Jim,

There's a semi-decent picture of the Evercoat I use here:

Let me know if you need a higher resolution picture.