Saturday, November 22, 2008

Senna Drivetrain DVD Tutorial & Webcast

Today was the day to shoot the DVD tutorial for the Senna drivetrain build that will go on the R2LA VI DVD. Michael McMaster happened to be in town this weekend, so that made this the perfect date. We also broadcast the hijinks on, and a big thank-you is due to the many people who tuned in, some for the whole day!

Before I forget to mention it, the Bill of Materials for the drivetrain can be found here, as of this writing: drivetrain.xls. At some point blueprints will also be available, but I don't know when. There is also talk of a possible run of these, again I don't know when, or even if this will actually happen. Onward.

Tools... Check.

Victor on webcam... check.

Brian on sound board... check.

Michael McMaster on camera... check.

The first cuts involved cutting the aluminum tubing to create the channel on top, and the main body of the drivetrain underneath. Both need to have corners cut at the same angle as the foot shells they fit into, 55 degrees.

Next, Mike used the table saw to repeatedly widen a slot into the bottom of the tube.

This way he could fit the band saw blade into the slot, to cut most of the bottom off the tube where the wheels go.

A 3/4" hole saw is used to drill holes for the bearings that will hold the axles in place. This is where we had an "oopsie," as one of the holes didn't quite line up with the hole on the other side due to a measurement error. Mike thinks he knows how he can correct this problem, but there is a chance we will recut the piece.

Wheels and Delrin rings were cut and shaved as needed. Watch those fingers!

Finally, a test fit of the wheels.

Here's where we left off as night fell.

Most of the hard parts are done. The motor mount is the only aluminum piece that remains to be cut. Many holes still need to be drilled, chain needs to be built up, and this is only one of six of these that we plan to build in all. There is still a long way to go, but it's definitely a start.


John Chavez said...

Hi Victor, do you have the Bill of Materials drivetrain.xls file? I tried the link but it did not work.



Victor Franco said...

Hi John,

Try this folder:

Look for "Senna Drivetrain BOM.xls"

If you still have trouble, shoot me an e-mail at