Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yet More Evercoat for Horseshoes

Last night I spoke with Matthew regarding how best to hide the alignment dowels on the front face of the horseshoes. He recommended that I use the Dremel with the sanding drum attachment to first carve a steep (roughly 45 degree) angle at the edge along where the dowel and the MDF meet, followed by a much more shallow angled sanding, to smoothly chamfer the edge.

I gave it my best shot, running the Dremel at about as low an RPM as it would go. I didn't go too deep, just enough to make sure that the Evercoat had a shallow pit to fill around the entire area that I was sanding.

After that was done, I applied another round of Evercoat to the areas I sanded. I didn't have a chance to sand these down today, hopefully I'll have time tomorrow.

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