Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mike's Prototype Drivetrain

Mike Senna is working on a new drivetrain design that uses the NPC 2212 motors, so I paid a visit to take in the building action.

The first order of business was to cut keyways into the gears, using a special keyway cutting tool.

The two gears on the right have the keyways cut into them. These act as slots for a small metal bar (1/8" x 1/8") to lock the axel to the gear. The axel has a similar keyway cut into it.

My job was mainly videography, as this build is planned to go on a future DVD.

Will a chop saw go through aluminum? Apparently the answer is yes.

Evidently a table saw can cut aluminum too.

Eye protection? Why would anyone want eye protection against flying metal splinters?

Not wanting to feel left out, the band saw got into the act, cutting a large section of the bottom of the tube off, to open up space for the wheels.

Last up for the day, drilling the holes for the gears. Rather than opting for a chain tensioning system, Mike decided to simplify things by pre-measuring the chain, and drilling 3/4" holes into the drivetrain walls based on the chain length. Based on these measurements, the holes were marked, and later, drilled.

That's as far as things got today. The plan is to continue tomorrow.

When I got home, I found my 1/4" flush-cut router bit waiting for me in the mail. Item 5499 at I plan to use this to sharpen the corners on the shoulder button and hydraulic pockets on my horseshoes, and possibly on some of the corners of the legs too.

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