Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Started Skirt

My friend Kelvin had some time to spare this evening, and more importantly, he has most of his power tools back, so tonight I dropped by his house to get started on the skirt for droid #2. Tonight we got started on the base plate. Just like with droid #1, I'm following the Senna skirt tutorial from the R2LA IV DVD.

I measured and marked the circle that forms bottom the skirt's outline (13.5" in diameter).

After rough-cutting the circle on the band saw, we took it to the router table to finish off the edge. The idea is to spin the the disc via a nail through the center, to form a perfectly smooth and round circle.

The last step for the day was to chop off the left and right edges, as indicated by the blueprints.

Well, it's a start. I'll probably return to working on the legs and horseshoes, but I will also mix in some skirt work here and there.

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