Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finished Cutting Skirt Parts with Matthew

Tonight Matthew Henricks and I got together again, to finish cutting parts for the skirts we're working on.

I was bit more useful, as I brought the chop saw and did some chopping on the side pieces.

We also cut the ribs, as much as we could given that the styrene is not glued on yet, and we couldn't match the angle perfectly. That's for another day.

Here's all 41 pieces for the skirt, awaiting assembly. I have leg and horseshoes to finish too, the piles of wood are stacking up!

Remember, there's a video tutorial on the R2LA IV DVD, with lots more details (like measurements) available from Michael McMaster.

Tomorrow night/Saturday morning, R2 is scheduled to appear at a local Toys-R-Us Midnight Event for the release of the Clone Wars toys and merchandise. It'll be interesting to see how well I operate R2 at 1:00am.


Matt McCormick said...

Hi Victor. Like always, this is nice clean work. I defer to your expertise--I've learned a lot from your blog. But I think I've got a less labor intensive way to build up skirts. I glued up a blank from MDF for the base of the skirt. Then I cut two bevels down the sides of it at 37 degrees on the tablesaw, and then set up an angled circle jig on the bandsaw to cut the curving ends. 4 cuts and the whole base is done. Then I glued a cap on it and fashioned the ribs. So in the end I had 14 pieces. There are some pictures on my blog here:


Victor Franco said...

Thanks for commenting, Matt. Interested folks should check out Matt's work at his blog that he linked to,

Always helpful to see alternate approaches to building these parts.