Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cut Legs for Shoulder Discs, Redrilled Discs, Unmasked Octagon Ports, Power Coupler Frames

A somewhat busy day today. I started off by cutting a hole in the inboard layer of each leg, to allow the bolts that hold the gas pipe flange to fit through the leg.

First, I centered the shoulder disc on the leg where it belongs, and traced its outline.

Next, I determined where the tee-nuts belong, according the holes that I had already drilled into the shoulder disc. Based on this location, I traced a smaller circle, indicating where I should cut a hole in the leg.

I didn't like how close to the center the tee-nut would be located. It was located there due to the location of the outer six holes on the shoulder disc. I decided to drill six new holes slightly further from the center on the shoulder disk. No, I did not shoot the shoulder disc with a shotgun.

I traced a new inner circle that was larger than the original inner circle, and got to work cutting it out with the jigsaw.

Repeat for the other leg, and we're done.

I also unmasked the painted octagon ports and power coupler frames. The octagon ports were masked with both masking tape and liquid latex.

The power coupler frames were masked only with liquid latex. I used an Xacto knife to carefully peel the liquid latex from the tabs.

These turned out reasonably well.

Tomorrow I plan to continue where I left off, and work on the legs some more, and unmask the power coupler body pieces.


Paul said...

Ah the power couplers, I have to paint mine once the humid weather clears! Chipping away that latex looks like fun

Calvin Thomas said...

I remember doing mine and they were a pain.
Did you weather your other R2?

Victor Franco said...

No, I haven't gotten around to weathering the first droid yet. I said June before, but I didn't say which year. ;-)