Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unmasked Power Couplers, Drilled Legs for Tee Nuts

This morning I unmasked the liquid latex on the power coupler bodies.

Yes, it is a bit tedious to scrape this off, but I'm really happy with the results.

Next, I returned to working on the legs. The inner-most layer needs to have holes drilled for the tee-nuts that will hold the bolts that attach the wooden disc to the legs. Six holes are drilled on each leg in a hexagonal pattern, using the shoulder disc as a template. These holes are 5/16" wide to start with, because that's the size of the holes in the shoulder disc.

The holes in the legs really need to be 3/8" wide, to accommodate the tee-nuts. The tee-nuts have a 3/8" outer diameter and a 5/16" inner diameter. I swapped out drill bits and widened each hole.

Once those holes were drilled, I tightened down the tee-nuts using a 5/16" bolt and a socket wrench.

All done with those.

Finally, I drilled 1" holes in the shoulder disc and the inner layer of the leg, to allow wires to run from inside the body and on down the leg.

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