Saturday, June 14, 2008

R2LA Mini-Meet

Today Mike held an R2LA mini-meet, catering especially to newer members of the club that haven't had a chance to see droids up close and personal. Texas R2 Builder Monty McGraw happened to be in town, so he joined us too. Cool!

Newcomer Chris Ellerby showed us his mist can holder, which had a very cool design.

We had lunch outdoors on a day that turned out to be perfect for a BBQ.

Max Cervantes showed his newest WALL-E toy to Guy Vardaman.

Speaking of WALL-E, William Miyamoto brought his WALL-E-in-progress. Very cool.

William and Nikki also brought their recently completed project, Zoe, to the mini-meet.

Brian Mix always wanted to see what his Lotus would look like with an R2 dome on the trunk, so my R2 obliged.

With his dome back on, my droid frolicked in the great outdoors.

To wrap up, I helped Max Cervantes wire up his CF Sound III board. Unfortunately, I also helped him fry his 12-channel receiver board. :( We did manage to get one of the 12 channels working, but the receiver board will need to be replaced.

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