Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pinned Shaft Adapter on Spare Motor

Today I pinned the shaft adapter onto the spare motor I've been prepping.

Luckily I take tons of pictures, so it's easy for me to look up how I did something in the past that works, and repeat the process. In this case, it's setting up my drill press and drill press vise to drill the shaft adapter that's on the motor.

I'm drilling a 1/8" hole, to accommodate a 1/8" steel pin whose length matches the diameter of the shaft adapter (3/4").

A little closer to the base than I wanted, but it will do.

Next I whipped up a batch of JB Weld for the steel pin. Tastes as good as it looks! (Disclaimer: Do not taste JB Weld.)

Then I wallowed the steel pin around in the mixture.

A few light taps with the hammer, and the pin will be in.

And into the "tool box" it goes, standing by in case of catastrophe during an event.

(Wasn't I supposed to be working on droid #2??)

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