Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Work at Matthew's Shop

Tonight I went back to Matthew's shop to get a little more work done on the legs.

First though, here's a short video of the CNC machine cutting one of the leg layers from yesterday. Normally there is a vacuum bag above the piece being cut, but for this first piece we wanted to see the machine in action and make sure all was well.

For tonight's work, I wanted to open up the inner layers of the legs to accommodate the bolts that encroach into the leg from the shoulder disc, and widen the center channel where the wires that power the feet run down the legs.

Matthew did the cuts for the curved parts of the legs that accommodate the shoulder disc bolts on the band saw.

I did the straight cuts on the band saw, while Matthew worked on a couple of bird houses for his kids to give to grandma.


Now the shoulder disc bolts will be able to fit into the leg without hitting the center layers. NOTE: This isn't how the disc will really fit when completed (it will be on the outside of the leg, not the inside), it just demonstrates that the bolts won't run into the inner layer of the leg.

If you're not sure how all of this goes together, you might want to download and review my Leg Building Tutorial.

1 comment:

DarthMoose74 said...

Sweet vid Victor!

I plan to cut my next set of inner leg wood pieces thinner as well. Took me forever to chisel out the inside of the leg to get the T-nuts in.