Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CNC'd Legs (& More Horseshoes) with Matthew

Tonight Matthew and I picked up where we left off, this time working on CNC cut legs.

First though, I'd like to dispel any myth that might exist in peoples' minds, that using a CNC machine to cut parts is a simple matter of pushing a button and watching it go. There is a lot of setup involved to get the CNC machine ready to go to work. Calibration of X, Y and Z axes, loading and testing of the programs, loading of the material, baby sitting the machine, holding down material so that it doesn't fly out, cleanup, etc. And all that does not count the many, many hours spent coming up with the CNC programs. These parts are a good value!

Ok, enough of that, on to the fun stuff!

First, Matthew cut some Baltic birch to the correct width, before putting it on the CNC machine.

Leg layers were cut, one at a time.

I forgot to mention, last night I accidentally snapped a horseshoe layer on the sander, so I picked up some 1/8" hardboard from Lowe's, and we cut a couple more horseshoe sets.

The Lowe's hardboard makes a bigger mess than the stuff we used last night. I cleaned these up as best as I could on the sander.

Look, new legs and horseshoes! I don't have much of an excuse for not cranking on this droid now (but I'm sure I'll think of something). Thank you Matthew!!


Paul said...

How does that device cut? Cutting bit?

That's impressive!

Victor Franco said...

Exactly, a very expensive 1/2" router bit with diamond edges plunges into the wood and goes to work. It's like using a router on steroids! Matthew said a normal router bit lasts for only 2 hours.