Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Repainted Front Vent Panel, Pulled Out Voltage Adapter

So... I removed the bungee cords that I used to help secure the front vent panel in place while the silicone dried. Well, not only did the silicone not bind the panel to the skins, but to add insult to injury, the bungee cords marred the clearcoat (even after a week of drying). The panel now had a stripe running down the center, between the two vent openings.

Guess what I got to do tonight?

I guess I should buy some acetone futures while I invest in Rustoleum as well.

Another note of bad news, it looks like I fried my 24->12 volt adapter when I was working on my solenoid rewiring the other day. I must have damaged the circuitry with a brief short-circuit. The LED no longer lights up, and none of my 12-volt devices (Keycoder, CFSound III, solenoid) are receiving power from it anymore. I opened it up to look for a blown fuse.

No replaceable fuses in there, it must be using a solid state IC fuse (it claims to be fused for short-circuit protection, but I'm not sure what they really mean by that).

[EDIT: Mike informed me that the fuse was in the cigarette lighter adapter portion of the voltage adapter that gets removed for R2 usage. D'oh!]

So I've ordered a replacement that I desperately hope will arrive before a Friday afternoon event. It's supposed to arrive sometime on Friday, but I'm not sure exactly when...

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