Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mounted Front Vent Panel, Utility Arms, LDP, Another Coat of Paint for Skins, Mike Cut Templates

Lots of varied activities today. First, I mounted the remaining parts that I painted blue last weekend.

I needed to file the paint from the inner perimeter of the front vent panel, the fit is that tight around the front vents.

I globbed drops of silicone on the skins where the panel goes, and glued it down.

I used bungee cords to help secure the panel in place. Yes, I know this looks ridiculous.

I also reinstalled the utility arms and LDP. In the right light, the clearcoat on the utility arms looks a little wavy, I may give them a light going-over with some rubbing compound to smooth that out.

I gave the skins for droid #2 what I promise will be the last coats of Rustoleum Satin White. They aren't going to get any whiter than this.

Finally, I went to Mike's to drop off some stuff and pick up some other stuff. I asked Mike if I could borrow his leg and horseshoe templates, but he did me one better: He cloned a new set for me! Thanks Mike!


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm thinking about weathering my
R2 and I just can't seem to make up my mind. I know you were talking about yours and man is this a hard decision.
I noticed when I had my skins outside in the sun, You could'nt hardly see the detail panels and this got me thinking.
Are you going to weather yours heavy or light?
Are you doing the dome too?

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

You can do what I am planning to do, and let R2 be beautifully clean for a while, and then go back a weather him later.

Weathering will definitely hilight the individual panels.

I am planning to weather light. I don't want to do the dome, but if it looks too weird to do the body and not the dome, then I'll probably lightly weather the dome too. I haven't set a firm date for all this yet, but I'm thinking June.