Thursday, May 01, 2008

Removed Blue, Prepped Parts for Primer

Today I spent a lot of time removing old paint and primer from the parts I dismantled from droid #1 yesterday. This is all in preparation for applying new primer and paint.

I started with the panel that goes around the front vents. I kept applying acetone with a damp paper towel, until all the paint was gone. I left the white primer in place on this piece.

Next up, the LDP.

I went down to the bare aluminum on the LDP, mainly because in removing the paint, some of the aluminum started to show. I figured that since some of the primer had been removed, I might as well remove all of it. I was reminded that I roughed up the aluminum with sand paper long ago, to help the primer stick.

The utility arms came next. I left the primer on, and removed all the blue.

Finally, the dome ring.

Like the LDP, I ended up taking the primer as well as the paint off of the dome ring, for the same reason.

I decided to fill some minor holes in one of the utility arms with Bondo.

After the Bondo had dried, I sanded it down and things look good now.

Finally, I loaded up the dome ring with masking tape.

I had hoped to get to the primer today, but I ran out of time. Everything should be ready for primer tomorrow. If time and conditions permit, I may even try painting tomorrow. We'll see.

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