Friday, May 02, 2008

Painted Front Vent Panel, Large Data Port

Five steps forward, three steps back.

Today I planned on repainting the dome ring, the two utility arms, the panel that goes around the front vents, and the LDP.

It didn't take long for things to go wrong. I applied the white primer and purple paint. Most of the parts made it this far.

One of the utility arms had a pretty large drip of purple paint, so I abandoned painting it. :(

On to the blue layer.

And finally, two clearcoats.

Sadly, I noticed that the other utility arm did not have full coverage near the pivot point. I placed the arm inside the skins to see how obvious this would be. It was too obvious for my satisfaction.

Likewise, the dome ring had some minor drips on it. Since the whole purpose of this repaint is to get everything to look as good as possible, this meant only one choice...

Time to break out the acetone and paper towels again.

At least the skin panel and LDP turned out really well. As usual, the pictures don't really capture the color. (The pieces are sitting on wax paper, my counter isn't that dirty.)

Tomorrow I'll repaint the other parts again. I'll try to be more careful.


Paul said...

What paints are you using? Brand/color? That's a nice finish...despite the blobs.

Don't feel bad, that's happened to me on every attempt to paint. If its not a spray nozzle spitting...its a wayward cat hair floating onto the wet paint. Aiiie!

Victor Franco said...

Hi Paul,

I'm using one of the Krider Blue variants:

Rustoleum White Primer
Rustoleum Metallic Purple
Duplicolor Anodized Blue
Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel

And I think I must have painted this droid three or four times, counting all my errors. :/ Buy stock in Rustoleum as long as I'm working on droids.