Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Mission with a Ring to it

A few weeks ago, Chris James forwarded an e-mail to me from a fellow named Richard. Richard was looking for help: He wanted to propose to his girlfriend Sarah in grand fashion, at the Japanese Botanical Garden at Cal State Long Beach. Being Star Wars fans, R2-D2 seemed like the perfect droid to lend a utility arm, and I was happy to help.

Today was the big day, and Richard and I met up about an hour before Sarah arrived, and we made sure everything was good to go. Richard received Sarah at the entrance of the garden, and proceeded to escort her to her first surprise.

The couple are also Disney fans, so a costumed duo as Mary Poppins and Burt from movie Mary Poppins serenaded Richard and Sarah to a customized version of the song "Jolly Holiday."

After the song was over, Richard got down on one knee and proposed, in front of what was now a large crowd. There was only one problem... Richard couldn't find the ring!

R2 to the rescue!! (Look closely at the blue utility arms.)

R2 beeped to get Richard's attention, and then delivered the ring to him. R2 opened up his utility arm for Richard to retrieve the ring and present it to Sarah. Richard finished his marriage proposal, and Sarah accepted.

Upon hearing the good news, R2 yelped for joy and then played a droid version of the Wedding March song (prepared by one of Richard's friends). R2 then danced the Cantina Dance in celebration of the happy occasion.

Another successful mission for R2. :)

R2 has another assignment next Saturday, although it won't be quite as unique as this one was.


Chris said...

Excellent. I'm glad it all worked out.

DarthMoose74 said...

That is so cute!
Now you know you and R2 have to be there for the wedding. LOL

Matthew Henricks said...

Very Cool Victor.