Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finished JB Welding Back Door Framed Panels

Tonight I finally got around to finishing the JB Welding of the framed panels that go on the back door.

First up, the large panel that goes toward the top of the door.

As with the other panels, I was careful to keep the JB Weld near the edge of the panel, to avoid making a mess that would be difficult to clean up.

Once again, I used a toothpick to clean up the excess JB Weld on the front and back of the panel. This particular toothpick comes from Lucille's BBQ, here in Southern California. I recommend both their ribs and their toothpicks, but only use the toothpicks for cleaning up JB Weld.

All cleaned up. I only used three small clamps along the curve on each side of the panel, because I want to avoid bending the panel. On droid #1, the back door seems to have too small of a radius when it's attached to the body, so I'm trying to avoid doing anything that might change the radius of curvature on the various parts of the door.

One last panel and frame to bond. JB Weld goes on the panel's edge, and the frame goes on top.

Next, clip it and clean it.

I'll let the JB Weld set for a day or two and then unclamp the panels.

I probably won't get much else done before the weekend, when I hope to glue up the frame.

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