Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cut Frame Ring for Back Door, Unclipped Back Door Framed Panels, Marked Shoulder Planks for Drilling

I guess I'm not quite done with frame work before gluing it up.

This morning I cut the ring that goes all the way around the frame, so that there will be a clear path for back door access into the droid.

After 36 hours of drying time, I unclipped the framed back door panels that I JB Welded together a couple of nights ago. Everything seems to be holding well.

Finally, tonight I marked the spot on each vertical plank where I will drill holes for the motor wires to pass through the frame, and on down the legs. These are separate holes from those that the gas pipe will go through. I won't drill those until after the frame is glued together, so that I'll be sure to hit the right spot.

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