Thursday, January 24, 2008

Started Test Fitting Aluminum Parts

Tonight I started test-fitting some of the aluminum parts I have against the frame and skins. It's so nice to actually have the parts in hand before finishing up the frame and skins.

To my pleasant surprise, the front of the frame accommodates the McMaster-style power couplers (that have the square frame piece) and octagon ports (that are square in shape). The rear octagon port doesn't quite fit, so I'll be routing out a little more room for it. The rear power coupler seems to fit fine.

Next, I test-fitted the skins with the parts in position. The coin slots fit fine within the frame.

The front octagon port needs a little more room to align with the skins, so I marked the area to be chopped. I had to do this on my scratch-built frame for droid #1, so no surprises here.

Among other things, I also want to get started on my droid lift for the Droidmobile. I spoke with Mike for a few minutes tonight, and with any luck we'll get together on Saturday to talk about it some more.


Matthew Henricks said...


Let me know details on what you have to chop so i can make corrections for any future frame runs.


Victor Franco said...

Will do Matthew. And to folks reading, be assured I am very happy with Matthew's work, and highly recommend it if you want a wooden frame or legs and don't have the means to build it yourself. (Or in my case this go-around, are too lazy.)

Regarding the parts I'm fitting, they are a little "odd" in that there are a couple of square items (the power coupler frame, the octagon port) that don't necessarily look square in the blueprints. And to cover myself on that account, I'm very happy with these parts as well, the power coupler frame means I don't have to make tabs, they are machined in.

This is the R2 Builders club, and slight modifications are to be expected, and I enjoy doing so anyway. :)


DarthMoose74 said...

Your blog is so helpfull!
The first time I read it I learned a lot! The second time I read it I also read the comments and learned even more.

Victor Franco said...

Glad to hear you are finding the blog helpful Moose. That's what it's here for. :)


Paul said...

That's a nice looking frame.

Did I miss a part run on those?

While I love aluminum...that looks beautiful.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Paul. Matthew Henricks has extra frame kits in stock now, and I believe he has leg kits too.


DarthMoose74 said...

Yes he has leg kits now.
I just got mine 2 weeks ago.
You can see pictures of them in my tiny litle blog. LOL