Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hanging Out at Matthew's

Today I dropped by Matthew Henricks' house to talk about the frame, skins and aluminum parts. Matthew checked out the fit.

Matthew is almost done with his R2. All that's left is to finish up the dome, and that is coming along nicely.

More importantly, Matthew (who has extensive experience in restoring old cars) resurrected hope on fitting the Droidmobile with a droid lift. He thinks that with the right bolts, we could semi-permanently attach some steel to the car, and then attach another length of removable metal stock on top of the steel to clear the tailgate.

Both Matthew and Mike provided some design drawings. These archival notes will come in handy for researchers decades from now, when they write books about my droid and the Droidmobile.

After Matthew helped me realign a couple of pieces on the frame, the fit was even more perfect. I decided I'd better label the pieces of the frame with small letters in black marker, so that I can duplicate the fit for the next time I put it together.

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