Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bring Your Droid to Work Day

At long last, an update!

Lately, whenever R2 needs to come out to play, it rains the same day. Today was no exception, as R2 was invited to join in (and help produce) the merriment at our annual office Holiday Pot Luck.

No sooner was R2 unloaded from the Droidmobile, than he started to draw a crowd.

Up on the third floor where I work, R2 helped hand out holiday gifts to coworkers and office staff (See's candies, yum).

Everyone wants a picture with R2, right? Here, the office staff keeps R2 company.

My coworkers and I were next.

And my coworker Rich called his wife and children, and they came on down to the office to visit R2.

Everyone that had a camera took pictures too - the other floor tenants, the FedEx guy, the maintenance guys, you name it.

Eventually, I had to at least give the appearance of getting some work done. I should have put R2 at the keyboard, he probably would have been more productive.

At day's end, it was time for R2 to go home. He enjoyed his visit to the office, but it turns out he doesn't like working. I wonder where picked up that trait?

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