Friday, October 19, 2007

Victor's R2D2 Building Diary - The Book

I know a lot of folks check in on this blog from time to time, sometimes using it as a guide of sorts. It can be hard to read everything in reverse-chronological order, so I downloaded every month's HTML file for the first 2+ years, saved the files locally, and reordered every entry to be in forward-chronological order. I then saved the results as individual monthly PDF files, as well as a very large PDF file covering April 2005 through May 2007.

Greg Tracy (aka pixelFiend) has gone way above and beyond the call of duty by not only offering to host these files, but also creating a very snazzy web site that allows the user to download the whole blog or any month with one quick click. You can select any given month from a menu and see a list of entries for that month, along with a collage of pictures from that month. The home page even rotates through a different set of pictures every time it's loaded! It is really impressive work, and I'm extremely happy with it.


and check it out. I hope it proves helpful.

Thanks again PF!


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