Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gray Primer for Remaining Dome Panels

Today I finally got around to applying gray primer for the remaining dome panels, in preparation for wet-sanding.

Before applying primer, however, I needed to remove some paint and primer from a couple of panels. One panel had primer on it as part of the painting demo for R2LA V. This panel is supposed to remain unpainted, so I used acetone to remove the primer.

The other dome panel had a large drip of blue paint on it from when I attempted to paint it a few weekends ago. I used acetone to remove the blue and purple layers of paint.

The white primer didn't want to go without a fight, and I really didn't see any reason to remove it, so I left the white primer in place.

Next, I prepared all the remaining unpainted panels for their primer. I cleaned all the aluminum pieces with acetone.

I applied two heavy coats of Rustoleum Painter's Touch gray primer.

All the panels are collected together on the glass table now. A few pieces don't get painted at all, such as the panel that I stripped at the beginning, the frame piece around the rear PSI, and the small washer-size ring at the top of the dome.

Hopefully I'll have a window of opportunity to wet-sand these tomorrow.

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