Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Started Working on Spray Mist

I got started on a fun feature for R2 tonight, the spray mist. The source of the mist is an inverted can of office duster spray, and the spray will emit from the top utility arm area, when the arm is open and I press one of the Keycoder switches on the transmitter.

A 2mm inner-diameter rubber tube that I ordered from McMaster-Carr arrived today. It fits around the spray can's extension nozzle, and will help route the mist from the spray can to the area behind the upper utility arm. More on that in a moment.

The first thing I did was drill a small 1/8" hole in the trigger for the spray can. Then, I bent some 1/8"-diameter rod, so that one end goes through the hole in the trigger, and the other end goes through the hole in the solenoid piston that I'm using to pull the trigger on the can. I strapped the solenoid to the can itself.

I cut and drilled a small piece of MDF that will be used to hold the end of the tube that sits behind the top utility arm.

I attached the silicone tubing to the spray can, and fitted the MDF to the other end of the tubing.

Soon, I will glue down the MDF behind the top utility arm. I did a test fit (and a test spray), and everything looks like it's good to go. I just need to paint the MDF black, along with the tubing (why didn't I order black tubing???).

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Anonymous said...

Very cool Victor!!! I like seeing guys going all out with their droids!!!