Thursday, August 02, 2007

Painted Mist MDF and Tube, Installed and Wired Up Mist Can and Solenoid

This evening I painted the MDF holder and tube for the mist effect black. I'm going to go ahead and order some real black tubing though, as I don't think the paint is going to stick to the silicone here.

I needed to re-bend the rod that connects the solenoid to the trigger on the spray can, as the bends were not quite perfectly located. Since the rod is brass, it breaks easily when bent repeatedly, so I cut a new segment of rod from steel, and bent it at the proper locations.

Next, I installed the can in the droid, and wired up the solenoid. One wire is connected to +12 volts, the other to Keycoder output #14. I eventually wrapped the connected wires with electrical tape.

Finally, while holding the MDF holder in place by hand, I flipped switch #14 on the remote, and R2 was ready for action!

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Anonymous said...

too cool. nice job. i feel inspired to dig out my cans and solenoid now.