Friday, July 13, 2007

R2-KT Update

For the first time I can recall, I'm blogging about a droid other than mine, but it's certainly a droid more than worthy of mention, it's R2-KT. If you don't already know R2-KT's story, please visit the R2-KT home page, and the story behind her construction.

Mike Senna is doing some repairs on R2-KT in preparation for her big day at Comic-Con in San Diego later this month, where Hasbro will release its new R2-KT action figure (and a $100,000.00 donation with LucasFilm to the Make-a-Wish Foundation).

First, Mike fixed the battery hoses, which were looking a bit limp since they had no internal support.

With the tubing in them now, they are a little hardier.

The bigger project, however, is to repair the legs and ankles. The two lower of the four bolts on one shoulder were completely missing when Mike undertook care of R2-KT. Their whereabouts are a mystery.

Also, the ankles were coming apart.

Mike emptied out the debris from the legs' interior, and got to work on replacing and fortifying the bolt arrangement.

Don't panic, but this is the current state of R2-KT.

The legs needed to come off for some of the repairs, but they should be back on soon, probably before this weekend is over. I'll try to get updated pics when the surgery is complete. (I'm not sure exactly what the hammer is for...)

The metal contacts in the plastic part of the electrical connectors are also loose, so Mike will probably repair those too. This droid needs and deserves some TLC, so I'm glad to see she's in good hands.

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Anonymous said...

Good hands indeed. Mike really seems to know his stuff!! I'm sure it will be 100% when all is said and done.