Monday, July 16, 2007

Plugged Ankle Bolt Holes on Outer Legs for Redrilling

Yes, it's that time again, time to obliterate my droid!

This time, it's all in the name of plugging the ankle bolt holes in the outer ankles, and redrilling them. This is necessary because I cannot go back in time to this day and tell myself to drill the holes a little bit lower toward the tip of each ankle. Where the holes are now, the ankles and cylinders press on the tops of the foot shells and cause the foot shells to point in weird directions.

I am using a pair of 1/2"-diameter, 1/2" long birch plywood plugs that I cut the other day to fill each of the two ankle holes.

First, I needed to remove the brass bushings. I used another flanged bushing, a C-clamp, and some scrap wood to force the bushings out.

Then I globbed a bunch of glue on the plugs, and shoved 'em in on each side of each ankle bolt hole.

After inserting them half way to get them started, I pressed them in all the way so the plugs are nice and flush with the ankle face.

I'll let them dry overnight, and hopefully redrill tomorrow.


Calvin Thomas said...

Your SICK !!!!
I can't believe you did that to R2!! :)
Can't wait till I can pull mine apart after the full build.
Ok, What's the next build going to be?

Victor Franco said...

LOL! Yeah, I can never leave well enough alone.

Next build? Am I really done with this one??? :)