Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Cutting Board Stops for Outer Ankles

Because I redrilled the ankle bolt holes on the outer ankles the other day, I needed to cut new stops to keep the feet from pivoting, as the old stops no longer fit.

I marked the same cutting board that I used last time (and that was used by a few R2 Builders at CIV, you know who you are :) ).

Then it was a matter of cutting with the hacksaw.

Next, I drilled the hole for the screw that holds the stop onto the ankle. I was able to match the hole in the cutting board to the pre-existing hole in the ankle.

Attach with a screw, and we're done!

Tomorrow I hope to cut some aluminum stock and do the same thing for center ankle.


Chris said...

Thanks for the continued updates.

Can I ask why the center ankle gets alu stops vs plastic on the outer?


Victor Franco said...


The front stops would be much more noticable if they were as thick as the outer stops (1/8" in front vs. 1/2" thick in the back).