Thursday, June 14, 2007

Updated Sounds

Not much time to do R2 stuff this week, I'm commuting 150 miles each day to teach a training class. I did have barely enough time to update a few sound files on R2 for an event he'll be at this weekend.

I added the sound that R2 plays in response to Luke saying "Hello" in the garage. This way, R2 can beep a "hello" back to the folks that say "hi" to R2.

I also decided to remove the full version of the Princess Leia message, and I replaced with a clearer version of the message ending ("Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope").

Finally, I added what I call R2's "happy sounds." It's comprised of the beeps R2 makes in the canyon before he's accosted by the Jawas (at which point, he makes some unhappy sounds, but I didn't include those).

Look for another update this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really cool Victor!!! Does the sound card not hold alot of data? Just curious. I'm not that far into my droid yet, but hoping to be soon. Great work!!!

Anonymous said...

I seen another soundcard offered by Hyperdyne, but wasnt sure which one would suit me better. I do like the option of havin a primary and secondary sensors on the Hyperdyne one though. I guess I would have to see both in action before making a purchase like that.

Victor Franco said...


I'm using the CFSound III system:

The customer supplies the CompactFlash card, it can be as large as you want. I happen to have a 512MB card, but I'm only using 31MB currently. I have 14 sounds on the card, including a snippet of the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, which is over 4 minutes by itself.

Thanks for the kind words,