Sunday, June 10, 2007

Foot Shell Adjustments

Today I attempted to address the sagging appearance of the foot shells.

I removed the foot shells and filed the channel opening at the top to be as wide as that of the drivetrain channel (approximately 1"). The foot shell channel opening had been just slightly narrower, and was causing the shell to tilt a bit as the tip of the ankle passed through it.

After I was done filing, the drivetrain channel and the opening at the top of each foot shell were of the same size. I'll need to touch-up the foot shells with some more satin white, when I get around to it...

A test fit back on the leg shows that the leg itself is also forcing the foot shell to lean toward the center of the body. The inboard area of the ankle, next to the battery box, is pressing down on the inboard side of the foot shell. This is because the hole for the ankle bolt in the leg is drilled too high. It really needs to be about 1/8" lower.

I wish I could go back in time and drill the hole in the ankle lower on each leg. Since that's not an option that's currently available, I may shave down the bottom of the inboard side of the ankle to get a little clearance above the foot shell. I'm also wondering if I can fill the ankle bolt hole and redrill it? Maybe one day.

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