Sunday, June 24, 2007

Secured Outer Front Foot Strips, Top Coat of Paint for Foot Shells

Today I addressed one of many minor annoyances with my droid.

Right now I don't have anything other than friction holding the foot hoses and knurled cable fittings onto the corresponding holes in my foot shells. I had intended to use a nut to affix the threaded end of the knurled cable fittings, but I ran out of room inside the foot shell when I added the 1/4" layer of rubber to the wheels.

Part of the annoyance is that whenever I want to remove the hoses and knurled cable fittings, the front foot strips on the outer feet fall off, since nothing else is holding them on either. So I decided to screw these front foot strips onto the outer foot shells, like I've done for all the other foot strips on the feet.

First, I marked where to drill the holes for the screws. Originally, I was thinking of using three screws to hold these foot strips down, but in the end I opted for just two.

Next, I punched marks in the foot strips, to guide the drill bit.

I then used my drill press with a #42 drill bit to drill a hole that can be tapped for a #4-40 screw (3/8" long).

I reattached the foot strips to the foot shells using the knurled cable fittings, and drilled through the holes in the foot strips, and on through the foot shells to make matching holes in the foot shells.

Next, I tapped the holes in the foot strips with a #4-40 tap.

And presto, foot strips are attached to the foot shell. The screws self-tap into the PVC foot shells.

While I had the foot shells off, I decided to give them a top coat of Rustoleum Satin White at the end of the day.

Recall a couple of weeks ago I filed the channels to be a bit wider, and some of the paint was filed off in the process. I've also scuffed up the foot shells a bit through neglect, so I figured now was a good time to give them the once-over with the spray can. I'll let the foot shells dry for a couple of days and reattach them.


Calvin Thomas said...

I built the center foot for my wife's R3-T7 and man I love that Styrene!!!
It was so much more enjoyment to build from scratch than ordering parts. I see all the fun you had building your parts.
My wife's site is :

Victor Franco said...


That center foot you built looks terrific! Even when scratch-built parts don't quite come out as perfect as the machined parts, there is a sense of satisfaction knowing you did it yourself. I actually kind of miss building now that I'm done, although I still plan to do some minor improvements here and there.

Keep up the great work, I check in on both of your blogs pretty regularly.


Anonymous said...

How did you make out with the sound? Are you still having problems? If not, I hope you come up with a solution soon. Your R2 looks phenomenal!! It would be great to meet some of you Southern builders one day and exchange stories and ideas!! I try not to let building R2 and running into problems be too stressfull. I have alot of fun, and meeting builders, even if its online, inspires me to keep going. Hard work, but it pays off. This is all for my son, who matters the most, and that is my main inspiration!!!

Victor Franco said...

Hi John,

Unfortunately, I have not yet resolved the sound issue. I was thinking of asking Mike Senna to either take a look at it (he has an actual oscilloscope) or at least give me his opinion on what might be happening. I haven't given up, but volume control is on the back burner for the moment.

I'm glad to hear you are so enthusiastic about building, that's the perfect attitude to have. :)