Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finished Attaching Foot Strips, Foot Shells Back On

Things are so slow around here lately, reattaching the foot strips and foot shells qualifies as news.

Now that the top coat of paint is completely dry, I reattached the foot strips.

Attaching the feet themselves to the ankles it a bit tricky for one person to do. Thankfully, the manual droid lift allows me to tilt the body up high enough to remove the temporary feet, and reattach the permanent feet.

Back together once again.

I think I sense another mini-adventure in the works. Stay tuned for news from this upcoming weekend. :)


Brenda's blog said...

Man!!!! R2 looks awesome nice job!!! :o )


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Brenda. I look foward to following your progress on your blog!