Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Sound Card Installed & Working, Sanded Down & Primed Cylinder Holders

My repaired CFSound III card arrived today, and it works perfectly and is now installed in my droid. R2 is beeping and chirping like a happy droid should.

I sanded down the cylinder holders using the belt sander in the evening.

Later, I applied primer.

I modified one of my original wooden cylinder holders, and a resin one that Mike had. (I figured resin would sand faster and smoother than wood.) I masked my pre-existing wood cylinder holder, but the resin piece required complete coverage.

Compared to my other original wooden cylinder holder, the modified wooden holder had to be sanded down by about 20% to fit on the left leg, and the resin holder had to be sanded by at least 40% to fit on the right leg.

It won't be beautiful, but I have no choice; I have a slightly irregular droid.

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