Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Glued Down Ankle Bracelet Strips & Utility Arm Backstops, Painted Drivetrain Screws, Installed Speaker

I wrapped up a few more of the remaining details tonight.

I used model glue to glue down the strips that go on the back of the ankle bracelets.

I used wood glue to attach the backstops for the utility arms. The backstops are painted black.

I painted the drivetrain screws that are externally visible, so they'll blend in better with the white channel.

Finally, I installed the speaker behind the lower front vent. I don't have a working sound system just yet, but I should have one by this time tomorrow. Hopefully the speaker will sound okay mounted there. I'll know soon.

I must be getting close to the end, I managed to finish this post before 11:00pm.


Chris said...

Well it's 2am for me and I'm still up looking at reference pictures :)

I hadn't noticed that you have OT legs.

Calvin Thomas said...

CONGRADS on your almost finished R2!!!!
I'm building my legs out of wood and I see the work you went through now.
Can't wait to see my R2 up and running like yours!!!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Calvin. You've been there the whole way, I appreciate your interest and support throughout. I think I will be crossing the finish line Saturday, if all goes as planned.

I'll keep my eye out on your blog, and best of luck with those wooden legs. I'm sure they'll turn out great!