Monday, April 02, 2007

Primer for Foot Shell Doors, Finished Cutting Battery Box Doors, Continued Center Foot Assembly

The march forward continues.

This morning I applied primer to the foot shell doors, and glued together the wooden channel for the center foot.

In the evening I finished cutting the access doors on the battery boxes that Mike started a couple of weeks ago. I will place small pieces of PVC on the inside behind each corner, and then screw the doors back on.

Once the glue had dried sufficiently, in the evening I drilled eight holes along the sides of the center foot channel and sunk 2" screws into the foot assembly to hold it all together.

Then I flipped the assembly over and drilled the straight holes for the casters. The outside holes will need to be drilled at an angle.

I bolted down the inside corners of the casters. Again, I hope those wheels aren't sticking too far out. I think they are okay.

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