Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Parts Shopping, Worked on Shaft Adapters, Vantec Mounts, Rockler Bearing Screws

Today I picked up a bunch of 30-amp fuses from Kragen, and some tie-downs for the wire from Home Depot, so the remaining items on the shopping list is getting shorter.

Just when I thought I was done sawing steel, I found that the dome drive shaft adapter was just a little too long, it was hitting the D-cell battery holder in the dome as the dome spun. So I sawed that down, and now the dome spins freely.

I also sawed open the dome drive plate, so that I can get the motor in and out of the assembly. With the shaft adapter permanently installed (see below), I did not want to lock this in place for eternity. Hopefully now I'm done sawing steel, for a while at least.

Of course, there's always aluminum to saw. I'm using 1" angled aluminum to mount the Vantec speed controller and Keycoder.

After cutting the aluminum to size, I drilled and installed it with #6 screws.

The bare side of the aluminum will be screwed onto the inside of my wooden frame.

I JB Welded the two motor shaft adapters and the dome drive shaft adapter to their respective Saturn wiper motors.

I will also drill a 1/8" diameter hole near the base of the shaft adapter, and insert and JB Weld a 1/8" steel pin, to help secure the shaft adapters to their shafts.

Finally, I picked up some #10 lock washers and installed them on all six screws that secure the dome to the Rockler bearing. With the lock washers installed underneath the bottom nut on each screw, the screws are now on the bearing nice and tight.

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