Saturday, April 21, 2007

Electronics Shopping, Dome Drive Shaft Adapter Fixed

In preparation for R2's first steps, Mike and I went shopping for things like wire, switches, fuse holders, and other related items. We ended up going to Radio Shack (spare battery holders, switches, 12 gauge wire), a local electronics store named Orvac Electronics (CAT5E cable with multiple strands for wiring up sound, fuse holders, main circuit breaker, wire connectors), and Home Depot (power blocks).

I still need to buy some 30-amp fuses and some tie-downs for the wires.

The other day I tried drilling the shaft adapter for the dome drive, but either the drilling or the tapping (or both) turned out crooked, so the shaft adapter wobbled as the motor turned. Mike helped redrill and retap, and the result was a much cleaner rotation.

Rather than tapping by hand, Mike had the idea of putting the tap onto the drill press and manually turning the chuck to tap the hole. That way, the tap would go in at exactly the same angle as the hole that was drilled on the drill press. It worked out well.

I still have a ton of work to do before the droid is wired up for movement. I have to build a small assembly for the dome drive electronics. I also need to set up a mount for the sound board. And I still need to pin the shaft adapters to the motor shafts. Looks to be a busy upcoming week.

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