Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Redrilled Motor Mounts Correctly, Started Sanding Bottom Foot Strips on Outer Feet

I made pretty decent progress tonight, especially if the definition of progress includes fixing previous errors. All of the do-overs have the effect of making these blog entries look very similar. Oh well.

I drilled the new motor mounts that I cut last weekend to fix the problem with the last set, where the motor was riding too high on the motor mount. I drilled the main 7/8" hole where the motor shaft and shaft adapter fit through, along with the three 5/16" holes that lie in a triangular pattern, where the screws go that hold the motors onto the mounts.

I also drilled and tapped the 1/4" holes on the top of the motor mounts, so that they can hang from the main bars of the drivetrain.

Hooray! The motor now fits under the main bar!

I wrapped up the evening by sanding down the bottom foot strips on the outer foot shells that I attached yesterday. I'll hit them with primer to see what needs further work, and go from there.

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