Friday, March 16, 2007

Dome Motor Wheel, Yet More Foot Shell Finishing, Cut Door Holders

I managed to squeeze in some building tonight, while also participating in the weekly R2 Builders chat.

I picked up a couple of Razor scooter wheels from Play it Again Sports in Costa Mesa. These have a 3/4" inner diameter, to fit around the 3/4" shaft adapter attached to the Saturn motor. A spring will pull the motor and wheel into the Rockler bearing, causing the dome to spin when the motor is powered in either direction. I'll have to put a layer of tape on the shaft adapter to ensure a snug fit.

I only need one of these wheels (one dome per droid), I can use the second one to build a miniature unicycle or something.

The foot shells are nearly done. I used a little super glue to fill in small voids, and I sprayed accelerator onto the glue to instantly dry it. I sanded this smooth afterward, and now there's not much else that needs fixing. Maybe one more pass...

I wrapped up by cutting the door holders that will go on the back of the foot shell doors.

I now have a PVC tank infantry.

Two sets of these will be glued to the bottom and top of the back of the doors. On the top, the thin pieces will tuck behind the door frames to help hold the doors in place, while on the bottom the thin pieces will swivel to lock and unlock the door from the bottom of the door frame. I also will have some pieces cut to help ensure the door is centered on the frame.

Tomorrow I plan to drill mounting holes into the aluminum drivetrain channels that were cut last weekend.

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